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Women's Month

By Aliyona Gonzales

Women's month has just begun and with it comes recognition. In this story we will recognize a young trailblazer in Centennial's forefront.

Sheila Ta is a 17 year old junior who is using her tenacity to make her way through. She does this with such a gentility it's hard to notice what is it she's truly doing it all for.

Coming from a Vietnamese background, living in southern Colorado provided many challenges. For Ta that challenge was racism.

Being so independent she refused to let that burden fall into her already overworked mother. Instead she drew strength from her mother. She let the hurtful word roll right off her like a bead of water off the wing of a duck, and strives for a fruitful life.

She doesn't do it for herself though. She does it all in hopes that one day she can send her mother to college.

Now looking toward the future she leaves the closing words for all young women, "You should love yourself first because you are important."

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