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Will Online Schooling be Problematic?

By Richard Lane

District 60 is still all online for schooling for high schools which raises several questions from many students and parents. “When will we go back?” “Will we even go back?” “How will students get the learning experience that they need?” The problem is that at the moment, these questions are without an answer.

We all know that online schooling will not be easy, but that does not mean that it will be impossible. The main hurdle we have to leap over is that we have to make sure that schooling stays about education and learning.

There’s a slippery slope that we have to stray away from which is online schooling becoming the norm. There’s more to this slippery slope however; during all of this, it could be very easy for the whole idea of education to fade away and school slowly becomes task oriented.

School is about learning and education; making sure the student knows and understands the material and subjects, not about due dates and completing pointless assignments.

The reality is, the more pointless assignments that get assigned on online schooling, the more students are just going to copy or find the answers online and copy and paste.

It will completely debase the whole point of the education system. This is what school districts, including ours need to recognize so that they understand why the transition back into school brick and mortar is so necessary and must be achieved as soon as possible.

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