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Why Voting in America is Crucial

By Antonio Luevanos

Vote! It’s election year which means all you’ve seen on the news nowadays is people yelling at you to vote, but it’s true. It’s important for people to make their opinions heard.

Diego Luevano, 18, will be voting for the first time this year. As a young voter, he still believes that voting is vital for America and that people need to just get out and vote!

“Everyone needs to express their opinions...everyone’s views make sense...everyone has their own side of the story,” Luevano said.

Luevano is also a strong believer that other people need to vote despite their views on America’s system, and that they should vote even if they believe both candidates aren’t suited for their beliefs.

“As long as you give your input, someone is thinking of that because at the very least, you put your opinions out there, whether it’s unpopular or not,” Luevano stated.

He also wants people to be safe when voting, specifically this year. He thinks people should mail in their ballots.

“It’s safe, it’s convenient, it’s quick,” Luevano emphasized.

Finally Luevano left off by simply saying, “Vote.”

To find your precinct visit or mail in your ballot by November 3rd.

Courtesy Photo by Lorelei Haley

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