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Where are we with the COVID-19 Vaccine?

By Evan Woodka-Kelly

It’s been about a year since the COVID-19 outbreak started, and the lockdowns are still in action. However, there may be hope to return to normal soon, as the vaccine for COVID-19 is being created.

The amount of cases and deaths by this horrible disease have increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. The world has had over 96 million cases, and around 2 million cases have resulted in death.

The FDA approved a medical drug in October of 2020. Remdesivir, known by the brand name Veklury, is a medication that could treat COVID-19. Other forms of treatment are known as EUAs (emergency use authorizations) and are able to be used while waiting for FDA approval.

Since December 11, 2020, the Pfizer vaccine has been marked as an EUA in several areas of the world. It has been authorized for individuals ages 16 and older. Some countries have been picked for limited or early use doses of the vaccine, and are using them for different ages.

Scientists have estimated that a vaccine might be finished in spring or summer of 2021, and some groups at higher risk might have earlier access to the vaccine. These high-risk groups include the eldery and people with medical problems like diabetes.

Another vaccine is Moderna, which has been authorized by the FDA and recommended for use by the CDC. So far, it’s been given to a limited population of people ages 18 and up. The vaccine has a very high effectiveness rate.

As they develop, hopefully these vaccines will be effective against the virus and the world will be able to return to normal.

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