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What To Watch

By Marisela Flores

With so much free time to relax and enjoy our time we tend to watch T.V. With so many movies and shows on Netflix and other streaming services it is really hard to decide what to watch.

Good shows you can watch on Netflix that you would still understand despite having 50% of your attention on your phone would be those such as ‘That 70’s Show’ and, of course, ‘The Office’. Both shows are already very popular but it’s always nice to go back and re-watch. They’re very convenient considering you can pretty much have it as background noise while you do nothing but it will also make you laugh when you look up to watch it.

If you’re more into serious shows that follow a story line, ‘Stranger Things’ is a very nice show to re-watch (or watch). ‘Money Heist’ is a Spanish drama show that has very good reviews and is highly recommended by many.

Netflix and Hulu give you the opportunity to really get a blast from the past with shows such as Drake and Josh, the Rugrats, Danny Phantom, Ben 10 and many others. You can also watch Big Time Rush on Hulu and Victorious on Netflix.

A very popular genre now is anime. Highly recommended ones that will for sure entertain you for hours would be some of the most popular ones such as ‘Naruto’, ‘Bleach’, and a newer one called ‘My Hero Academia’. There are many more to choose from on Netflix and Hulu and other streaming services but these are highly recommended.

Fun adventure movies you can watch on Netflix are all of the ‘Back To The Future’ movies, ‘Indiana Jones’, and ‘The Matrix’. A funny movie that is very underrated is ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’.

Movies about musicians are always great to see. ‘La Bamba’ is a very good movie about Ritchie Valens which is available on Netflix. A highly recommended movie which is sadly not available to watch for free on any streaming apps is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which is about Freddie Mercury from Queen, it’s very much worth your time and money.

With so much time to relax everyone must be looking for something to entertain themselves with and streaming services have a lot to offer.

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