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New Beginnings for Hozier

Updated: Feb 5

By Ashlynn Miles

The Centennialight

Andrew Hozier Byrne, an Irish artist, has returned with a three-track EP and the guarantee of an LP later this year. "Eat Your Young" is his first release since "Wasteland, Baby," which came out three years ago. Despite the short length, the music is sufficient in all aspects. The album is set to be released on August 18, 2023.

The EP's first track, "Eat Your Young," offers a soulful mood with gospel undertones. His depiction of the consumption of our resources and the morality of it all was phenomenal, and his lyrics brought it all to life. He took the decline of our future and managed to turn it into a beautiful, delicate amalgam of emotions. The lyrics are a commentary on the savagery of a world in which individuals are consumed by the drive for wealth and power at any cost, even if that means ruining their futures (and the collective future).

The second track, "All Things End," has a gospel feel to it as well. He speaks about the inevitability of change and ends in human life. The song implies that everything ends, no matter how much we strive to hold on to it. The music reflects on the natural progression of life and the significance of accepting change and new beginnings. The song recognizes life's and love's beauty in their impermanence, making the present moment seem even more important. When Hozier leads us to the bridge, he introduces the presence of an orchestra. The strings gently make their presence felt throughout the verse, then the instrumentals abruptly stop, cutting to a gospel choir singing with joyful clapping. This gave the song a considerably more diversified feel than the others.

"Through Me (The Flood)" is the closing song, and it is a highly dramatic ballad about bereavement and acceptance. The song begins with a story about a man swimming out into the sea in the middle of a storm, a powerful metaphor for the challenges of life. The song concludes with the sight of a grave, which represents the concept of loss. He focuses on how he perceives loss and can only think about the person he has lost, unable to comprehend the magnitude of his sadness. He understands the entire scope of eternity and sees that he must learn to accept loss as a natural part of life. Overall, "Through Me (The Flood)" is a beautiful and introspective song about loss, acceptance, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Overall, this record was overflowing with emotion and complexity. Hozier never disappoints with his creations, which makes me excited for his upcoming project.

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