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What is self-care?

By Nevaeh Martinez

Self-care is a form of treatment to help take care of our mind, body, and soul.

Understanding what self-care is may not seem important, but it’s something we should all learn and practice to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Self-care is not selfish. In this generation it seems we like to put others above ourselves, either to keep someone in our life, it being a natural habit, or we simply don't know how to put ourselves first. The only act of selfishness in this situation would be not putting ourselves first. At the end of the day all we really have is ourselves and if we can't understand this concept we are lost.

We can’t mistake the topic as being things that only make us feel good. Drugs, alcohol, and physical intimacy are perfect examples. These aren't permanent solutions to benefit us, it only leads to complicated paths in the end.

There are several types of self-care. The most common known are emotional, physical, and mental. Along those lines falls social, practical, and spiritual. Each subject defines exactly what it is from the word. Practical just means you completing tasks that help you prevent future stressful situations.

Practicing and working on self-care can benefit in more ways than you'd think. Doing this the right way can have positive long term effects on your mind and body. Self-confidence and knowledge along with physical strength are some of the other benefits you can get out of this.

Most people never really have the time to work on themselves. As humans, we are always occupied in some way shape or form. Due to recent events, a lot of people are struggling while being confined at home. Being isolated makes us feel like we’re more alone than we really are. As hard as it is, this is the perfect time to work on ourselves. If we can all get self-care down during the rest of this quarantine, then we’ll come out as new, stronger minded people.

Here are several different ideas you can start trying at home to get started:

  • Going for a walk/ run

  • Reading a book

  • Writing( making yourself a diary or journal)

  • Finding new music or a movie

  • Eating food that’s good for your body

  • A relaxing bath

  • Recognizing things in your life that you're grateful for

  • Connect with your sibling(s) and parents

  • Draw, color, paint

  • Reset yourself from social media ( take a break from it)

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