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Keeping Safe From Covid During the Holidays

By Hailey Maes

The Centennialight

It has been nearly two years since Covid-19 first hit the US and we’re seeing some kind of normal returning to our lives.

But, with the holiday season approaching and new variations of the virus surfacing, Covid numbers are rising and families need to put certain safety measures in place in order to keep their families healthy while still having a happy holiday.

Even though the holidays are typically a time to spend with family and friends, limiting the amount of people you're around can keep everyone safe.

Limiting it to only immediate family, and using resources like FaceTime and Zoom to keep in touch with other friends and family.

Staying home as much as possible is also an important thing to keep in mind.

With a lot of annual holiday traditions like parades, parties, and gift exchanges, it's always important to wear a mask and keep your hands clean when you go in public.

We have recently been introduced to a new way to keep ourselves safe during these times, getting vaccinated. Although vaccines are not mandatory it is always an option, especially if you are traveling this holiday season.

Even though we are currently living through a pandemic, there are many ways to have a safe and happy holiday season.

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