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Upcoming Cultural Fair

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

By Evan Woodka-Kelly

The Centennialight

The World Language Cultural Fair is coming up, featuring the many different language programs offered at the school.

The fair will feature the different dishes prepared by the Italian, German, and Spanish classes and clubs.

Food samples will be provided to guests as well as a presentation discussing the regions in the different countries.

Later on in the night, entertainment will be hosted with dances and a singalong presented in multiple languages.

Both teachers and students shared their thoughts on the cultural fair.

Michelle Van Hee, Italian teacher, said that she was “really excited because this is the first time in a few years that we’ve been able to do this sort of thing.” She also said, “There are so many friends and family around to help out and check out the foods, it’s most students favorite part of the year.”

Later on, Van Hee stated, “I’m so proud of the kids for all the hard work they’ve done to get here.”

Ben Dell, a sophomore at Centennial, shared that he is “excited to try food from Puerto Rico,” since he was told about their food in the past. He also stated he is a bit nervous because “presenting is naturally anxiety-inducing.”

Keeley Miles, another sophomore, shared that the event “sounds fun.” She also said that she “hopes someone makes conchas,” which is a type of sweet bread.

The fair will take place on Monday, April 11, at 5:30pm in the commons.

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