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  • Kadynce Welsh

The Bulldogs' New Building Coming Apart at the Seams 

By Kadynce Welsh 

The Cenntenialight 

Entering the new school year both staff and students  were boasting  about the new modern building that now housed the Centennial Bulldogs; unfortunately many can no longer continue bragging as now the school doesn’t appear pristine as it once did, and rather in recent times looks to be copying the old buildings' hobbies of unwinding at the seams (similar to how some students, writer included, do during semester finals).

Throughout the building there are cosmetic and constructive issues including peeling paint, broken sinks (some physically  hanging off the  walls), and bigger issues such as cracked floors and walls separating from one another. 

One insight on the building's situation can be given by a student at Centennial High School, Joyce Chong, “The building seems to have issues with the fimble walls. The walls are quite thin and the paint is also peeling.” 

Day by day the new building is starting to feel and look more like the old one as it falls apart. Nevertheless many attempts are being made in fixing the issues that have presented themselves.

In one instance, after a sink was broken in the girls bathroom near the lunch room, the sink was replaced, although the model of the sink is not the original model placed through the rest of the school building.

Ruby Martinez, another student who was a witness to the broken sink(s) shared her observations.

“In the large bathroom by the cafeteria there was a sink falling from the wall in a little less than a month and it was like that for a few weeks. All that was done during that time period was it being covered in a plastic tarp.”

Martinez continued to explain, “It has since been replaced with a slightly different sink not that long ago.” 

Hanging sinks aren’t the only issue students are facing when using the restroom, as some sinks are said to have sensors that are nonfunctional for extended periods of time. 

In the new building, many individuals can see cracks in the flooring. These sightings have mostly been reported on the top floor, but many wonder how much longer until it spreads to the bottom floor; likewise many have reported walls separating from one another, making it possible for a piece of paper to almost reach the other side of the wall through the separation. 

Many of these issues aren’t too worrisome, but if not controlled or soon attended to then these problems could worsen to an extent of unfixable.

Attempts are being made but what can the staff do when the building's issues lie in the foundation of the building?

A student tries to wash her hands in a sink with a broken sensor next to the replacement for the previously broken sink. Photo by Kadynce Welsh.

Picture depicting a crack in the floor on upper level of the school in the art classroom. Photo by Kadynce Welsh.

Missing stall handle in the same girls bathroom, as the newly replaced sink. Photo by Kadynce Welsh.

Cracked wall in the corner of a downstairs classroom. Courtesy photos.

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