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Student Learns New Skills Over Summer, Shares Thoughts on Pandemic

By Evan Woodka-Kelly

Joshua Rudnik, 15, has not enjoyed the pandemic but is keeping busy through his new talents.

Rudnik has started learning how to play the guitar over these past few weeks. He has practiced a variety of songs in order to learn chords easier.

Rudnik recognized his improvement from when he started on the guitar. Rudnik stated, “I have gotten a lot better since I first tried playing.”

Another skill he has learned during the summer is how to woodwork. Rudnik said that he “made some tables, along with chairs, desks, and other furniture.”

He is commissioned woodworking jobs, and then paid for the time, difficulty, and resources of the creation. “It depends on the project. Mostly I take the cost of materials and then add the cost of labor,” Rudnik added.

Shortly after, Rudnik expressed his beliefs and worries on what will happen with the pandemic.

Rudnik does not like the isolation happening during the COVID-19 pandemic. He referred to himself as a “people person who doesn’t get to be around people.”

His family members are also struggling, according to Rudnik. “My dad works as a prison doctor, so if the pandemic spreads there you just have to deal with it.”

Rudnik thinks that the pandemic will end soon. However, he thinks that “public fear will still be around, even after the pandemic is over.”

Courtesy photo of Rudnik's guitar.

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