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Straight Off the Press: New T-Shirt Press at Centennial

By Evan Woodka-Kelly

The Centennialight

Recently, Bou Amaya - a teacher at Centennial - introduced a new system into the Journalism room: a T-Shirt press.

The press has the capability to print any image onto a T-Shirt, as long as there is a design created online in order to be printed out.

So far, there have been at least four T-shirts created by members of the Journalism class, with more created last Thursday.

The T-shirt design in question was the Centennialight logo, with a classic red ink to show pride as Bulldogs.

As of now, the press has used a single color for each print, but “hopefully multiple colors will be able to be used soon,” says Josh Rudnik, a student at Centennial.

It will be interesting to see any new changes in the future, such as a store for students to buy T-shirts or a location to make designs.

Evan Woodka-Kelly removes the screen from a freshly printed shirt with the new Centennialight logo while sporting his Centennialight shirt made last week. Photo by Bou Amaya.

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