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Speech and Debate Congress National Qualifiers

By Nadia Jackson

Centennial Speech and Debate representatives participated in, and some placed in, National Qualifier Congress on Saturday, February 8 and February 15.

Joli Dou placed 2nd in Senate, Andrew Li placed 5th place (3rd alternate) in Senate, and Maya Maes-Johnson was an alternate for House.

Congress encompassed debaters from throughout the Colorado Grande Region.

Due to a snow day, the schedule for competition was altered and therefore split up the competition into two weekends, instead of one. This allowed for extra preparation and therefore increased competitiveness amongst all debaters.

Students qualifying for nationals in Congress have the opportunity to compete in late June this year, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Junior, Li, who competed at the national level last year, claims that the culture at nationals is unlike any other competition as the passion, determination, and competitiveness of the debaters across the country is immense.

All events have a preliminary round, with a total of six preliminary rounds. Debaters need eight of the twelve judges to vote for them in order to break.

From there, it is double elimination until someone is dropped or wins.

Overall, nationals is an opportunity for Centennial students to represent their school, and showcase all of their hard work throughout the season.

These qualifiers demonstrated leadership, and continue to make Centennial proud as their speech and debate season comes to a close.

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