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Sources of Strength provides a positive promotion of outlets for Centennial students

By Aubrey Cordova

September 23, 2019

Sources of Strength is a program focusing on suicide prevention and building connections to change the norms of thinking.

Centennial High School Counselors, Mrs. Sommer Kelley and Mrs. Tonja Odell, discovered the program at a teacher workshop.

Mrs. Kelley explained the program as, “a breath of fresh air.” As a counselor, she helps her students with their mental health, which can sometimes be sad, traumatic, or shocking.

The Sources of Strength program provides a positive promotion of outlets, and also helps the students to be more aware of the good things in their lives.

Mrs. Odell believes that the program is, “a lifelong skill.”

The Sources of Strength program aims to gain social networking by encouraging conversations among students. They want the students to comfortably talk about the Wheel of Strengths, which includes: mental health, family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, and medical access; with these students are able to direct the things that they are struggling with and striving in.

The program is within all school levels, from elementary school to college. It is intended to help students gain good habits.

Sources of Strength is primarily led by students recognized as Peer Leaders. Peer Leaders are people that other students look up to. They aim to pass along the message of self awareness and self evaluation. This year there are about 50 peer leaders among Centennial High School students.

The program selects the students that demonstrate good leadership skills, by sending out nomination forms to their teachers.

Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Odell hope to broaden student involvement in the next school year, and to eventually make the program a part of everyone’s lives.

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