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Snowball Spirit Week

By Meena Ropp

From February 3rd to the 6th, the students of Centennial High School celebrated their annual Snowball school dance by dressing with different exciting throwback themes each day of the spirit week.

On Monday, teachers and students grabbed their poodle skirts and grandparents old clothes to dress up for 50’s Fashion day.

Jenna Lewis, a sophomore, dressed up with a 50’s styled outfit complete with a poodle skirt and polka dot scarf to celebrate some school spirit.

“It’s nice to go all out sometimes, makes the week more fun,” Lewis said while showing her 50’s outfit to her friends.

On Tuesday, everyone grabbed their T bird and Pink Lady jackets in remembrance of one of the students’ favorite 50’s movies, Grease.

Delayne Divelbiss, a Junior, along with her friends wore Pink Lady jackets and pink scarfs to show their love of the musical and their school.

“Honestly, we just bought the costumes on amazon, but they’re really fun to wear,” said Divelbiss.

On Wednesday, the school dressed according to the 1950’s Hollywood theme with popular 50’s outfits and hairstyles.

Gabe Vigil, a sophomore, put on a pair of 50’s boots, his grandfather’s old hat, and some suspenders to show his excitement about the spirit day.

“My favorite part has got to be the suspenders because i don’t usually wear something like this,” Vigil explained.

On Thursday, the final spirit day, students dressed in red and white, the school colors, to show their bulldog pride and reflect years of tradition and legacy from past Centennial alumni.

All through the halls, students and faculty could be seen flaunting centennial shirts, letterman jackets, and other assorted red and white clothing.

After this astounding week of enjoyment and school spirit, the students felt pumped to celebrate the winter court assembly and the annual Snowball dance at the end of the week.

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