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Should We go Back to School?

By Antonio Luevanos

Centennial Bulldogs are returning to school this week. Although fully-online classes are an option, the majority of students will be back for in-person learning. But how do students really feel about coming back to school? Is it the best option right now?

Lilly Vallejos, 15, freshman at Centennial, does not believe it to be safe, or a good idea at all to return to school.

“I really don’t want to risk Covid at all...we should wait until it’s definitely safe for everyone, we could stay online for a lot of classes. I think it’s totally unnecessary. I could probably learn better in person, but I don’t think it’s worth it.”

She also believes that school is a huge burden, causes a lot of stress, and will negatively affect her mental health.

“I’m not really good with people, I have social anxiety. I think I’ll be a lot more stressed out; there’s not a lot of people I know there. I’m not ready, I think mentally I’m probably going to have a breakdown, and I’m just not really prepared for the stress anymore.”

Despite the fact that going back seems unsafe to Vallejos, she does believe it will help her to perform better academically.

“School-wise, I do better academically in person, but mentally, I do better online. At the school, I basically have to pay attention. There are less distractions at school. At home, I can go on my phone, and I could basically ignore my classes and no one would know.”

Vallejos overall believes it to be harder for her to return to school. Covid is still out there, and many people aren’t really prepared for in-person schooling anymore. Despite what you believe, we will be back at school this week starting Monday the 25th or Tuesday the 26th.

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