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Senior Spotlight: Rachel Baird

By Mikayla Henson

Rachel Baird has made some pretty memorable times while she has been at Centennial, but her favorite is one she will never forget.

“My junior year, my team and I made it all the way to the third round playoffs for state. That day was so exciting and everyone had an adrenaline rush. If we would’ve won, we would’ve made history as being the first women’s soccer team to make it past the third round. Even though we lost by a lucky goal, it is still a memory I will cherish forever,” said Baird.

Baird has been on the varsity soccer team since her freshman year, making it a very busy spring!

“The girls that I have played alongside are like sisters to me and I will miss them dearly,” said Baird.

Just like every senior, Baird is excited to graduate but also scared of facing a new challenge in her life, Adulting!

Baird plans on continuing her education at PCC, she plans on joining the Radiology Technician Program there.

“After I complete the program, I plan on specializing in a certain field, but I haven’t decided on which one,” stated Baird.

Baird has some pretty big plans for after high school, and we wish her our best!

Courtesy photo by Kentt Meier.

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