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Senior Spotlight: Peyton Sterling

By Rachel Baird

Senior year comes with a lot of mixed emotions for the graduating class. Not only till it's over do seniors realize that this was the last year they were going to experience the joyful moments that high school had to offer. The last Friday night football game and prom, the last game with your team, and the last time seeing your closest friends everyday in the hallways.

Senior Peyton Sterling goes into great detail about her high school experience and the moments she will miss once she graduates and moves on to the next stage of her life.

“My high school experience was amazing but I wish I would’ve gone to more games and more events because I didn’t start going to games really until my senior year. High school in general had so many ups and downs but I wouldn’t change any part about it. I’ll definitely miss all my friends and the relationships I have built the past four years. I’ll also miss high school in general. It’s kind of like the last time you really get to be a kid.”

Throughout high school, Sterling worked tirelessly on achieving academic excellence and making a name for herself in Centennial high school sports. Sterling lettered academically seven times and athletically three times in soccer and once in cross country. She also participated in numerous clubs and organizations. She has made many memories within Centennial’s walls but she finds one moment to be particularly special to her.

“My favorite memory from high school would be winning snowball queen with Harrison. I have known him since we were about eight years old. Also, just the love and support I got from all my friends and family was something I will never forget.”

Sterling started playing competitive soccer when she was very young. Little did Sterling know that this was going to be the beginning of several years of hard work and dedication towards soccer and the formation of a ‘family’ of friends that would play alongside her. While playing together, the team built an unbreakable trust and friendship that will be difficult to say goodbye too as senior year draws close to an end.

“I started playing when I was about four years old, but I didn’t play competitively until seven. I will miss my teammates who have become like sisters to me over the years. I’ll also miss my dad coaching me because I’ve had a very unique experience by having him coach me since I was little.”

After dedicating several years of her life to this sport, Sterling is ready to view competitive soccer as a wonderful memory and experience and begin to focus on following a career path that she is very passionate about.

“I don’t plan on playing soccer competitively in college, but I would definitely be willing to play recreationally. For college I either plan on attending Colorado State University Pueblo or Fort Collins. I want to pursue business with an influence in administration/management and get a M.B.A after business school. I also want to study law and someday become a corporate lawyer.”

Like most high school students, Sterling is very ambitious and plans on leaving Pueblo as she reaches the next stages in her life.

“I plan to move out of Pueblo after I finish college. My goal is to eventually live in California at some point in my life, and I think career wise leaving Pueblo is in my best interest. But for now I’d be happy to settle somewhere north of Pueblo for the time being.”

Senior year tends to catch students off guard. Before you know it, you will be walking in an alphabetical ordered line in a cap & gown with people who you watched grow up alongside you. Sterling expresses a sentimental statement for incoming freshmen.

“Something I’d like to tell incoming freshmen is to savor every moment and to put yourself out there. High school has so many amazing aspects to it and it’s so important for you to just enjoy it. Go to all the football games, stay out late with friends, make new friends, and just have fun because your four years in high school will fly by!”

Photo by Rachel Baird

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