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Senior Spotlight: Isabella Mobley

By Nadia Jackson

Senior, Isabella Mobley, rightfully describes herself as hardworking. Throughout her four years at Centennial, she has managed to maintain her academic standing, on top of actively participating in the marching band and balancing a healthy social life.

Mobley admits that the academic side of high school has been stressful, but recognizes the reward within having built lasting friendships. Since joining her freshman year, the connections Mobley has developed in marching band have consistently granted her a sense of community.

Mobley’s musical career began her sixth grade year. Her middle school offered all students the option of participating in either drama, visual arts, or band, to which she opted to join the band - picking the flute because of its small size.

Six years later, Mobley is still playing the flute, but now, as a part of Centennial’s marching band. She even earned the honor of being drum major for this year’s season - an honor Mobley does not take lightly.

As graduation draws near, Mobley reflects on all that marching band has granted her. Whether it be the positive energy during each Bell Week, Centennial winning the sweepstakes at Blossom festival her freshman year, or simply the confidence that sense of community gave her to be herself, Mobley is truly grateful for being a part of one of the best marching bands in Pueblo.

Outside of these activities, Isabella enjoys reading books, playing sudoku, sewing and embroidering, and playing piano.

She has even been awarded the Piano Federation Superior Award for eight years. This prestige was determined by the National Federation of Music Clubs, after Mobley performed her two prepared pieces from memory for multiple highly respected judges each year.

Beyond high school, Mobley intends to attend CSU-P for at least the core curriculum classes, and major in either biology or chemistry.

Mobley is impressed with how far she has come with the guidance of her support system. She feels if she were to meet her freshman self today, she would remind her that, “Being hard working is more important than being smart.”

As Mobley begins looking into the next chapter of her life, it is clear that this mantra of working hard will still hold true.

Photo by Isabella Mobley

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