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Senior Spotlight: Dylan Aragon

By Rachel Baird

While attending high school, students decide their own approach to how they want to spend these four years. There are students who work tirelessly at maintaining grades and spending hours studying, or there are students who take everything one day at a time and focus more on enjoying those around them and the memories they are making for the future.

Senior Dylan Aragon admits to being a student who spent his time in high school focused on making memories. He put hundreds of hours into playing soccer and being with those who truly made high school memorable for him.

“High School for me has been a roller coaster. Honestly, it was fun in the beginning, but after a few years it began to get old. My favorite memory from high school would be my team's playoff run during my junior year of Varsity soccer.”

Aragon started playing soccer when he was three years old. He always had a passion for this sport and knew that he would use his skills and knowledge of the game to one day play at a high level college.

“High School soccer was a great experience and it really helped me develop not just my soccer skills but also my leadership skills. My Junior year was definitely my best year because I was playing alongside outstanding teammates with the same competitive energy as myself.

Aragon plans on committing to Eastern New Mexico University through a soccer scholarship and wants to study business management.

“I am very excited to graduate. However, I will definitely miss seeing my friends. It's weird knowing that one day I won’t be able to see them everyday like I have for the past few years.”

Looking back, Aragon understands the importance of high school and the opportunities that it has given him. Unfortunately, there are some things that Aragon wishes he would have done differently.

“I want to tell incoming freshmen that grades in high school matter a lot more than you think. If you decide to mess around during high school instead of take it seriously, it will come back and bite you in the butt when you try to go to college.”

Senior year is a very difficult time for students. This is the year that students have to prepare themselves for the next stage of their life, a leave behind all that they have known for the past four years. No matter what path a student decides to take, their life will move forward and the experiences and opportunities they have been given will guide them towards their life goals.

Courtesy photo by Joe Petrick

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