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Senior Spotlight: Cathy Crowe

By Analleli Rivera Gonzalez

Senior year is a time of fun experiences and goodbyes to the clubs and people you have surrounded yourself with for the past four years. As the year comes to an end, Cathy Crowe has expressed her personality and begins to say goodbye to all of the school activities that have been a part of her since her sophomore year.

Crowe is full of expression, if you have gotten the chance to see her in the hall, you may have noticed her hair switching colors every other week. Crowe has always been a risk-taker with her hair and clothing, she sees it as a way to have fun and not hold back the true colors of her personality.

Crowe enrolled at Centennial High School sophomore year after a move from La Junta. Arriving at Centennial, she looked for activities she was comfortable in. She quickly joined Drama and Speech and Debate.

Crowe has come a long way with her achievements. She has acted in six Centennial Drama productions and became winter captain for color guard. Crowe has also made it to State for speech and debate all four years of high school.

“Junior year I placed 6th in the state for my category. Overall I have placed 12 times. I'm pretty proud of myself.”

Crowe plans to attend college to obtain a degree in criminal justice. Her overall goal is to continue her education and attend a law school to become a defense lawyer. Why a lawyer? Crowe chuckled, “Not going to lie it was criminal minds, all jokes aside I've always wanted to help people in my way. I see that within criminal justice. I want to give a fair chance to the possible innocent people."

She is preparing to work hard and build up a reputation for herself, and educate herself on what is going on in the world. A strong-minded individual like Crowe could be an inspiration. She even jokes about becoming the President of the United States. Crowe has quite the path ahead of her.

Upon being asked about advice for underclassmen Crowe said, “If you are curious about doing something, always give it a try. You might end up loving it and if you don’t, there is no shame in not committing the following year.”

She is a big believer in being true to yourself and opening up to the world and hopes people can adopt that mindset.

Crowe is now ready to move on to her new beginnings but in her heart she will always have Centennial and will always be a Bulldog.

Photo by Analleli Rivera Gonzalez

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