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Senior Spotlight: Bryant Jones

By Allie Jones

At Centennial, Bryant Jones is a familiar face everyone loves.

Jones is a senior at Centennial. His time as a Bulldog is quickly coming to an end and as Jones looked back at his high school years, he remembered all the reasons why he loved it.

“My time at Centennial was filled with memories,” said Jones, “I’ll never be able to forget any of them.”

Bryant Jones’s favorite memory is making it to the State Tennis Tournament his senior year and being able to hang out with his friends after and taking it all in.

“When it was all over it was fun to sit and look back on the last four years,” said Jones.

Jones’s high school years were filled with special memories, people, and classes. What made it the most special was being able to enjoy it all with his friends and being able to play tennis.

“Those were all times I won’t ever get back,” said Jones, “my friends and tennis will always be special to me since they made my high school experience.”

Soon, Jones will be moving on from Centennial and making new memories. But, no matter where life takes him, he will always cherish his time at Centennial.

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