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Senior Spotlight: Ashtyn Villalpando

By Mikayla Henson

As we reach the last semester of senior year, it is important to reflect on all of our accomplishments in the past four years. Ashtyn Villalpando, a senior at Centennial High School, has accomplished many things, and isn’t done yet.

Villalpando was a varsity runner on cross country for her freshman year and a varsity soccer player for three years, and soon to be four.

Villalpando was awarded honorable mention her freshman year, and 2nd team all conference her sophomore year for soccer.

Villalpando has also been busy in the classroom. She had six academic letters, including this year.

“My biggest accomplishment in high school is probably just maintaining a 4.0 GPA or higher.”

Villalpando has big plans for after high school. “My plan is to go to UCCS and become something in the medical field, I’m not sure what yet.”

Villapando wants to have a “successful enough job” so she can support and give her family a good life.

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, one thing Villalpando is looking forward to in her senior year is her last soccer season.

“It is the first time I get to play with my little sister, who is a freshman, and the last time I get to play with my friends.”

Villalpando has been playing soccer for twelve years, including club and high school.

“If I were to get the opportunity, I would play college soccer. But if I don’t, I am okay with that too.”

One person who has had a major influence on Villalpando’s life is her mother, Shannon Villalpando.

“I look up to my mom because she is a good mom, supports my family and I in everything we do, and does so much for us.”

Villalpando aspires to be just as good of a mother as her own.

One piece of advice Villalpando would give the underclassmen is, “To enjoy the little moments in high school. Get involved as much as possible because it goes by way faster than you would think.”

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