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Senior Spotlight: Alexa Aguirre

By Ashtyn Villalpando

As the end of senior year is slowly approaching, Alexa Aguirre plans to make the best of her last months as a Bulldog.

Aguirre is an amazing two2 sport athlete. She has obtained two letters in soccer, and two in basketball. Her accomplishments on the field and court are just as outstanding in the classroom. Aguirre has received two academic letters for a 4.0 gpa.

“One of my biggest accomplishments through high school was getting a 4.0 my junior year, and maintaining it ever since.”

After high school, Aguirre plans to join the National Guard Reserves Army. After, she will go to college to study to become a doctor.

With all these accomplishments, her mom and dad have set her on the right path. Aguirre said, “I look up to my mom and dad, they are very intelligent people and have helped me to get to where I am today. They work so hard, especially my mom because she was a single mom for the longest time, raising 2 kids all by herself.”

Aguirre has her life after high school very planned out. There are three major things that Aguirre wants to accomplish in her life. “First, I want to become a doctor and get out of Pueblo to enjoy life and meet new people. Next, I want to become financially successful and make a lot of money to travel places. Last, I want to own my own business, besides being a doctor.”

One thing that Aguirre is looking forward to in the last semester of high school is just enjoying her last moments in school and seeing all her teachers, and walking the halls for the last times.

Being a freshman in high school is never easy. Aguirre has some words that will hopefully make it easier.

“Enjoy every moment of high school and make as many memories as possible, because when you graduate you don’t want to look back and say ‘Oh I should have done that.’ Enjoy it while it lasts because these four4 years go by so quick.”

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