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Review: The King

By Aubrey Cordova

November 14, 2019

The King is a movie set in 15th Century England, based off of William Shakespeare’s play ‘Henry V,’ which similarly depicts the story of young Hal, a prince who must take on the role of becoming Henry V.

King Henry V, the son of King Henry IV must rise to the responsibilities that come with being a king. He must reach the expectations of his court and must also contain the chaos of his father’s reign.

King Henry V strives to have peace among his kingdom, even if that means putting his own life on the line. Considering he lived his life as a common man before he became king, he could appeal to his men and convince them to trust him in battle. He is determined to convince his court and his warriors that he is meant to be the king.

The 2019 Netflix movie was directed by David Michod, and starred famous actors Timothee Chalament, and Joel Edgerton. The movie received a 71% in Rotten Tomatoes.

According to TIMES Magazine it, “Honors a classic story and opens its grandeur to a new audience-even as it gives an elbow-poke to those who have seen it all before, or who only think they have.”

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