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Review: Countdown

By Aubrey Cordova

In a world of technology and apps for everything, a new app has risen, an app that can predict the exact time of your death. The app has made it into the phones of many curious teenagers, most who were happy to find that they have a long life. Others underestimated how real the app actually was, and lost their lives at the exact moment the clock predicted.

Passing the curiosity to more people, it stumbled upon a young nurse. She downloaded the app and found that she only had two more days to live. In a battle between her ticking clock, and the the believability of the app, she must find a way to remove the horrifying app before death comes her way.

The 2019 thriller/horror movie received a 72% in Rotten Tomatoes for its heart racing frights. The movie includes actress Elizabeth Lail, Talitha Bateman, and actors Jordan Calloway and Peter Facinelli.

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