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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

By Meena Ropp

It’s common for teenagers to be swept up in the commotion of school, part time jobs, and personal struggles. What we really all need is just some quality relaxation each and every day and to learn to keep calm in tough times.

If you’re ever feeling stressed out in school or overwhelmed by the future ahead, just remember to RELAX.

Rest: Be sure to give your body and brain enough rest at night to prepare for the upcoming day.

Teenagers have a tendency to have a boost of energy at night due to the natural shift in the teen body clock, but because of early morning starts, teens don’t have enough time to catch up on rest.

This sleep debt must be repaid, and a teen’s sleep schedule must be adjusted to relax the mind and body.

Eat: I’m sure you’ve heard many times to keep a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, but there are actually a good number of foods that can help your body and mind relax.

Salmon, berries, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, and oatmeal are a few examples of physically and mentally relaxing foods.

Lounge: Simple things, like laying on the couch and reading a good book or sitting at the table and doing a puzzle, can easily sooth your system.

While these options may seem lazy, a good dose of laziness at the end of the day can do the brain and body a good amount after a stressful day of school or work.

Awaken: Waking up earlier in the morning and going for a walk or meditating outside is a simple way of waking up your muscles and mind.

Getting an early start will also allow you to feel like you have much more time in the day to achieve daily goals to lighten the pressures of school and work, and you be able to sleep well at night.

X on the Calendar: Set aside a day or even a few moments to just breathe and take some time for yourself.

This will give you a time of pure relaxation to look forward to which will make you more motivated in difficult situations, and it will calm your nerves.

Teenage life isn’t easy and often gets uneasy, but in all of those difficult times, just remember to RELAX, and you'll be just fine.

So remember, high school only happens once, so make it a good time.

Courtesy photo by Bou Amaya

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