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Pueblo Target Workers Considering Union

Updated: Feb 5

By Maliyah Baca

The Centennialight

A union is an organization formed by workers who join together and use their strength to have a voice in their workplace. Unions serve an important role making sure that management acts fairly and treats its workers with respect. The workers at the Pueblo Target are considering forming a union.

We reached out to Target Human Resources and they redirected us to a long PDF on their website about their corporate practices. They did not specifically comment on the union drive at Pueblo’s store.

Workers at Amazon, Starbucks, and many other major companies are starting unions.

The unionizing workers said, “HRs job is to protect the company and company image.” They also stated that they wanted a union because “[they] have no one to protect us. The employees have zero protection against unfair discipline and have only an integrity hotline to report grievances to, which is not helpful if your grievance is with HR or upper management.” They want “adequate staffing, consistent schedules, health benefits for all employees with no hourly restrictions, small change in dress code, consistent percentage raises, pay increases for veteran workers, just to name a few,” as a source from Target Workers United shared with The Centennialight.

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