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Prom Spirit Week '23

By Patrice Sais

The Centennialight

Prom week is approaching and this year's theme is “Tangled”. Having Spirit Days allows you to stay connected with your school, even if you don’t intend on going to Prom. The following spirit days are listed below:

Monday, May 1, is “Pink Vs. Purple Day” -Pick a side and dress either in pink or purple. Two of Rapunzel's favorite colors.

Tuesday, May 2, is “Bring a Companion Day”- Bring your favorite stuffed animal. Rapunzel has her companion, Pascal.

Wednesday, May 3, is “Disney Day”- Dress like your favorite Disney character or wear your Disney merch.

Thursday, May 4, is “Dress like a Mother Day”- Dress like your mom, or how you would see yourself as a mom. Inspired by the song “Mother knows best” from Tangled.

Show your Bulldog spirit and participate during the 2023 prom spirit week!

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