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Musicians In Quarantine

By Marisela Flores

This COVID-19 and quarantine stuff is affecting everyone worldwide, even the famous people. In this time when all of us are apart we have to stay connected, musicians are doing a great job at doing just that.

Bands such as Twenty One Pilots are releasing new songs, giving you a sense of “you’re not alone”. One of their new songs is called “Level Of Concern” and you get to see that they’re making the best out of the situation.

Other musicians such as Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen are giving mini virtual concerts. They have posted a few videos on their Instagram pages of them playing different Queen songs from their own homes and have even acknowledged fans who have played along to their videos. Their most recent video is of them performing with Adam Lambert who now sings with them on tour. They performed “We Are The Champions” but changed the “we” parts to “you” directing the song to the whole world.

Twenty One Pilots and Cage The Elephant are currently selling “crew merch”. All of the money that is made from that merchandise is donated to “crew nation” which is all the people who help make live performances possible. They currently can’t work considering there are no live performances and these bands are trying to get others to help them help the crews.

One of the biggest music related things to have happened recently is the “One World: Together At Home” event. It is a campaign that collected funds to support healthcare workers and the World Health Organization (WHO).

This event was broadcast Sunday on a few different T.V channels as well as online on the Global Citizen website where you can still watch it. The event was 8 hours long, you can see different healthcare workers and even hear messages from different doctors.

Pictures of the world as it is right now were shown and videos of musicians performing songs from home were played. The musicians performed emotional songs that were telling the world that they’re not alone.

Some of the musicians who performed were Paul McCartney from The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and many more.

Musicians are making the best out of the current situation the world is in and are really trying to help as much as they can from home. All that they’ve been doing may not be as great as what the healthcare workers but it’s still admirable.

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