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MOY Testing

By Dalicia Duran

Every year it comes around, the very dreaded middle of year testing by students and teachers, used to benchmark our performances in academics as the year goes on.

9th-11th graders have to go to school for a half day to test on math, reading, and writing. It’s meant to help with SAT preparation which is very valuable to those wishing to go to college after high school.

School administration always stresses how very important it is for the students to take it seriously so we remain one of the highest academically scoring schools.

Meanwhile, the actual test itself isn’t difficult but everyone still seems to get stuck and stressed throughout the testing times.

An anonymous 11th grader stated, “I personally never look forward to this time of year but it’s probably really preparing us for our SAT coming up here soon.”

Concluding, MOY testing may not be what every student looks forward to in the school year, but the reasoning behind it is beneficial in the long run.

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