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Last Dance Of The Year

By Dalicia Duran

The Centennial dance team is preparing their last dance of the season for tonight's boys basketball game against South.

They’ve been hard at work choreographing it since February 14th. The music consists of a remix of Michael Jackson songs. Which is a different music choice for the team but they’re very excited to take it on.

There’s a new team trick being used that everyone’s working hard to master: is called the helicopter. Most girls are picking it up quickly which is no surprise given the team’s natural hard work.

Given this is the team's last game of the season and as for the seniors their last game and dance, potentially ever, a lot of stress is on the team to end the season strong with a solid routine.

The season has flown by many girls agreed they love and have a passion for this sport, and it’s bittersweet knowing it’s over completely for some and over for the season for others.

Concluding, the dance season is coming to an end tonight with one last dance and the team's beyond excited to leave everything on the floor one last time.

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