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Juan Sauceda: A Future in Film

By Nadia Jackson

For some it takes a lifetime to discover their passion in life, but senior Juan Sauceda has always taken a special interest in movies and filmmaking.

On March 20, Sauceda released DOGS’ Full Documentary on his YouTube channel, “Juan’s World Productions.” The work is centered on the progression of the Centennial football team throughout their 2019 season.

After suffering a fourth concussion during his junior year football season, Sauceda sought for a way to maintain involvement with the team. Through the combination of this desire and his goal to direct movies, the inspiration behind DOGS struck.

Sauceda recognized the influence American football has made in his life and many other households alike.

He aspired to place the viewers on the sidelines of the football field throughout practices and games, ultimately telling a story that highlights not only the work ethic, but the emotions behind the sport.

Viewers experience the celebrations and losses from a player’s point of view as the film transforms the audience’s perception of the meaning behind the highs and lows of the season.

The film highlights the challenges the team faced this year as new leaders had to step up, as well as the growth within each player’s work ethic and the transition of the team becoming family.

Centennial’s football team has an especially rich history due to traditions such as the Bell Game which is anticipated for by all generations throughout Pueblo. The documentary showcases the significance of this game and the days leading up to it from the crowd’s, the players’, and the coaches’ perspectives all at once, allowing the audience to experience the excitement, pride, and fear of this historic event in a new light no matter how involved they are in the football world.

Despite some technical difficulties initially as Sauceda navigated using new equipment, he managed to capture many beautiful and inspiring shots throughout the season which are only enhanced through skillful editing.

For Sauceda, football has taught many life lessons such as that within the phrase “Do your job,” that is repeated throughout the documentary.

Sauceda carries the idea in football where well-informed discipline and hard work payoff in the form of a winning game, into his own life.

As Sauceda soaks in the remaining moments of his senior year and reminisces on old memories throughout his high school career, he is optimistic in terms of his future prospects.

Armed with the knowledge and support he earned from the opportunity to produce DOGS, Sauceda is excited to continue studying film at UCCS in the coming fall.

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