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How to stay motivated at the start of a new year

By Brooke Jones

It's always hard having to come back to school after a long break. None of us want to have to get up early and do homework after sleeping in for so long. There are many ways to help stay motivated throughout the new year. Although it may be hard, it will be easier for you once you get into the swing of things.

One great way to keep yourself motivated is to fix your sleeping habits. Try to go to bed between 10-11pm so you will be refreshed for school the next morning. If you go to sleep later than midnight it will be hard to get up for school the next morning. On school days Tuesday and Thursday, try to go to bed the same time you would on Monday and Wednesday because you would eventually fall into a healthy routine of getting enough sleep.

Another way to keep yourself motivated is by having a schedule for when you are going to do your school work. On Monday and Wednesday, treat the afternoon as if you are still going the full seven hour school day. This will help you work efficiently and to get your work done. Same goes for Tuesday and Thursday, treat the mornings like you're in school.

New Year's resolutions tend to die out quickly once February gets here. If you have a resolution, stick to it. You could end up with great results and you'll make your future self happy and proud. If your resolution is to workout and lose weight, stick with it! Go for that run in the morning, put down the donut. After a while it will become a routine and it won’t be hard anymore. If your resolution was to get straight A’s, pick up a book and study. Get your work turned in. I promise that you will feel so happy if you stick with it!

The beginning of a new year can be stressful, so don’t overdo it. Take some time for yourself. Go outside and get some fresh air. Focus on your mental health. Doing these things will help to keep you motivated throughout the new year.

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