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How to Remain Motivated

By Nadia Jackson

In light of the dramatic schedule changes associated with current social distancing measures, it can feel difficult to maintain the same level of motivation you once had. It can feel as if you have nothing to look forward to to get you through your day, but the amount of responsibility maintains constant. With the extra hours spent at home, it is crucial to be creative and strategic with how you spend your time. It is important to find techniques that are manageable for maintaining motivation and finding a zest for life.

A few recommendations for maintaining a sense of normality without monotony:

  • Count your achievements.

    • Self doubt can creep in during unexpected moments, especially with more time for self reflection, but those feelings should not discourage you.

    • Take time to stop and pat yourself on the back for your personal and professional achievements. Whether it be doing well on a difficult exam, or simply just being there for a friend during a time of need, it matters.

    • Do not discredit yourself, but instead use your past and current achievements as encouragement that you can tackle any obstacle sent your way.

  • Stay in touch.

    • As cliché as it may sound, staying in touch is crucial to maintain a sense of normality in your life. Furthermore, conversations with the people that mean most to you can spark inspiration for how you can spend your time as you bounce ideas off each other.

    • Think outside the texting and video call box. Letters are a great way to show your care for someone, and they also encourage more creativity and self expression. You might even include a little doodle.

  • Schedule your days in a realistic way.

    • Many people find comfort in the pursuit of a specific goal. Consider this as you think about what you want to achieve with each day. Have goals in mind for the day and try your best to organize your time in a way that allows you to achieve those goals.

    • Some days it can be harder to get out of bed than others, so even if your goal is to simply get out of bed by 10am, it is still valid.

    • Include rewards to look forward to that will motivate you to complete a specific task. Break up the day between working or studying, and a task you really enjoy.

  • Stay curious.

    • Continue to pursue hobbies that you are passionate about. Now is prime time to perfect a skill!

    • Look deeper into anything that piques your interest. Read about an actor’s life from a show you just binged or research the best ingredients to include in a homemade pie. No matter how silly these questions may seem, they broaden your understanding of the world and create more meaning in the everyday.

Remember that this time is uncertain and there is nothing wrong with taking time to take care of yourself. Your worth is greater than your productivity, but these tips can help with managing the weight of responsibility, while also allowing for free time.

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