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How to Follow Through With New Year’s Resolutions

By Jocelyn Lopez

With the new year, comes new promises to work out or eat healthier and by February those promises are thrown out the door. Oftentimes because you forgot, it got too rough, or you just gave up. However, this is completely avoidable!

Step 1: Be Realistic

A great way to keep yourself on track and make sure you follow through is by being realistic! Don’t make a goal to lose 50 pounds in a month, instead try to lose 4 to 8. Setting too high of expectations can cause disappointment. Therefore being realistic can help a lot in the long run.

Step 2: Limit Your Resolutions

It’s hard to focus on one resolution while you’re doing another. Limiting your resolutions can help you keep up with your new behavior patterns instead of biting off more than you can chew. After you achieve one of your resolutions, try another. Organize them from most important to least and complete them over time.

Step 3: Make a “Pros” and “Cons” List

When struggling to do something because you have no motivation, make a pros and cons list! It’ll help you see why you want to achieve that goal, and how it can benefit you. And it can help you decide the best way to keep on track.

Step 4: Stay Positive!

Constantly staying on track and keeping yourself in check is close to impossible! It’s okay if you take a day off or fall behind. Perfection isn’t real! Always remember that

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