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How Special Days Are Being Celebrated

By Marisela Flores

There is really nothing better than feeling the happiness of celebrating special days, social distancing is very important in these times but there’s always a way to celebrate occasions.

One way that different things are being celebrated is drive bys. For birthdays friends and family drive by in their cars with signs and presents and music while the birthday person watches from the comfort of their front lawn.

This is a great way to celebrate because you still get to see the ones you care for in person and you still get the excitement of celebrating all while being at a safe distance.

Another way to celebrate is of course virtually. It may not be as exciting or loud as when they drive by but it definitely works fine. You can contact all those you care for and celebrate!

Graduations are going on now, obviously families and friends were unable to attend but those seniors still got their moment. They got their diploma and it was all recorded, families are able to watch them and cheer them on from home.

Drive bys for those who have graduated are also happening, they can’t walk up on stage but they get their chance to drive around proudly showing that they graduated.

It’s good that there are alternative ways of celebrating special days, it is important that we all maintain as happy and healthy as we can in this time.

Jude Sanchez waves to passers by during a drive by graduation celebration. Courtesy photo by Bou Amaya.

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