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Helping Costa Rica

By Aubrey Cordova

Heather Strobel, an Environmental Science teacher at Centennial High School, took four students with her on a conservation volunteer trip to Costa Rica this past summer.

The trip was open to all Centennial students, that were able to raise the money to go; Lorelei Haley, Maddie Cummings, Austin Chase, and Aj Bohl raised their money and were able to attend.

Mrs. Strobel wanted her students to be able to experience, “a different culture, and hands-on, real world science.”

The students participated in Mangrove reforestation, beach clean ups, and also gathered data on sea turtles for the organization L.A.S.T (Latin American Sea Turtles).

Aside from learning activities, the students participated in kayaking, dolphin watching and snorkeling. They also played lots of Uno in their down time.

Due to no one being able to speak Spanish, the group struggled with the language barrier. They also had a hard time adapting to the different tropical climate and experienced a difference in their meals.

“We ate beans and rice with every meal,” said Lorelei Haley.

Both Mrs. Strobel and her students were constantly learning, whether it be about sea turtles or mangroves, they remained in awe.

Mrs. Strobel plans to take another trip to Costa Rica in one to two years, depending on how many students want to go.

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