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Halloween Spirit Days

Updated: Feb 5

By Maya Gonzales

The Centennialight

The halloween spirit week here at centennial is based on the board game CLUE. On Monday October 31st the theme is disguise day (Costumes) . On Monday everyone who is participating in Halloween events, wearing a costume gets to show it off at school and celebrate.

On Tuesday, November 1st, the theme is Decades Day. Everyone gets to dress up any decade they want for example crazy color schemes and other 80’s style wear.

On Wednesday November 2nd the theme is character day, the centennial students come as characters from CLUE. Freshman come as Mrs. White wearing white clothing and accessories. Sophomores come as Mr. Green wearing green. Juniors come as professor plum wearing purple and finally the seniors come as Mrs. Peacock wearing their fancy blue.

Now the last day of spirit week Thursday November 3rd the theme is Miss Scarlet day. Everyone dresses up as the character Miss Scarlet wearing their bulldog red. I am super excited for this spirit week I think as well as other Centennial staff and students. I hope a lot of students come out and show their Halloween spirit and school spirit. Let's make Halloween a special one and stay safe.

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