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FBLA Begins Preparation for Districts

By Nadia Jackson

January 21, 2020

Future Business Leaders of America has begun preparation for the district competition to be held February 11, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Colorado Springs, by opening the online tests for competitors, and assisting students as needed in their respective events.

Members of FBLA can compete in tests, presentations, or interviews on a range of business-related topics such as accounting, marketing, parliamentary procedure, or job interviews. Intro events are offered to sophomores and freshmen new to the club.

Centennial’s FBLA advisor, Mr. Madrill is optimistic in hopes of repeating the high success reached last year in FBLA.

Members have been preparing for their events ever since they heard what they were registered for. This can be through personal study and/or meeting with Mr.Madrill or fellow competitors to get tips on improving their work.

Most members are either competing in one test and a live presentation or two tests in hopes of qualifying in at least one event for the state competition.

The top competitors in each event are eligible to compete at the state level. If a member qualifies in multiple events at districts, they are only allowed to compete in one at the state competition.

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