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FBLA Begins

By Meena Ropp

November 6, 2019

On November 6, the Future Business of America (FBLA) club prepared for the start of the competition season with the help of their sponsor, Christofer Madrill.

The participating students said they are excited for the fresh new start of the FBLA season.

They claim that using the knowledge they had learned through previous years, they would show the judges of FBLA their skills and blow away the competition.

Each student was instructed to choose a topic and a test or two tests by the end of the day, so they could then begin to create their projects and presentations.

Madrill also said it excited him to see his competitors so excited to work with him as he promises to remain organized and composed throughout the entire season.

He encouraged the students to jump out of their comfort zone to accomplish new things.

“I highly recommend all of you to take one test and do one event so you can receive some public speaking experience,” Madrill explained.

At the first official meeting Madrill offered cookies to the students as a sign of his appreciation for their dedication and willingness.

“Feel free to take a couple cookies. Don’t be shy. Treat yourself,” he exclaimed at the meeting.

To show his dedication to the club, Madrill offered extra classes after school to assist students struggling with their business knowledge and skills.

It is in his best interest to help his competitors succeed to better their future and job opportunities as well as improving the reputation of the education of Centennial High School.

He hopes his students will strive to do their best is the competition to gain benefits for themselves, but also for their beloved Centennial High School.

FBLA is a club that encourages early leadership qualities through simulations of real world business situations.

The program includes more than 20 events and tests in which competitors strive to prove their dedication and poise.

Madrill and the competitors will now continue to strive to represent the Future Business Leaders of America by showing their hard work and dedication to the club.

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