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Eighth Grade Enrollment Fair

By Meena Ropp

On Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., the Centennial students proudly welcomed incoming eighth graders to convince them to enroll at Centennial High School.

As the middle schoolers walked through the halls, they viewed several tables, set up by upperclassmen, with posters of the clubs and programs offered at Centennial.

Each group handed out gift bags and refreshments to the new students to show their school spirit and to interest them in new activities.

At the front door, the Girl’s Cabinet members and JROTC program greeted the eighth graders and their parents with cheerful Bulldog chants.

Holly Smith, the head of Girl’s Cabinet, set out large posters showing past school dances organized by the club members as well as scrapbooks of past classes.

“Even though the freshmen can’t join the club until their sophomore year, it’s still important to me to let them know we’re here,” said Smith.

Each member wore a firefighter vest and hat to support the night’s theme of “the building of success.”

In the freshman hallway, April Vicky, the Centennial art teacher, demonstrated the use of the pottery wheel with the help of her art students as well as displaying the artwork of her pupils.

“It’s fun to show off my students work once in a while, and it’s even more fun to show off the pottery wheels,” Vicky exclaimed.

Looking down the hall, Girl’s Cabinet, National Honors Society, speech and debate, and many more clubs introduced the middle schoolers to their favorite parts of extracurricular activities.

At the speech and debate table in the office hallway, the competitors displayed trophies won at past tournaments including the prizes received this year.

In the large gym, the faculty introduced the parents and eighth graders to some Bulldog pride with an exciting speech about the programs, athletics, and academics offered at the school.

After this extraordinary evening of fun activities and displays, the Centennial students and faculty hope that they inspired the future high schoolers to attend their beloved school.

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