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Dom Castro on his future in wrestling

By Kira Hughes

Senior Dominick Castro shared his experience and his emotions the night of winning the mini bell back saying, “We put in the training, the time, and effort to take back what was ours. In the end I was really proud of my team, they went out there and kicked some butt!”

Castro has been wrestling since he was four. He said, “there were definitely more bad days than good,” but the bad days were what made him more determined and gave him the mindset to never give up.

His favorite memory from all four years of high school was his freshman year going to the Western invitational. He said it was a super fun time hanging out and dominating the competition as a team. He states how his team is always helping each other and how the support of the team alone is enough to make you great.

Now he wrestles in the 126 pound weight division and he is currently 15-0. “I'm trying to bring home a state championship which hasn't been done in 20 years and an undefeated season which hasn't been done in like 50.”

A fun superstition before he wrestles is he reads 10 pages out of a book, he doesn't know why it's 10 but it has to be no less and no more. This being part of his pre match warmup, it makes him feel ready, calm, and relaxed . When wrestling, he describes all his thoughts going away and just letting all his training and preparation do the work for him.

Castro plans on wrestling after high school for Coach Dax at CSU-P. He recently signed for a full ride scholarship for athletics and academics. He is excited for what's to come. With covid this year effecting and shortening his season, he is bummed but he says he is happy to have a season in general and he will do anything to keep it in motion. He said, “I'm super excited to wrestle under Coach Dax and I can't wait to see what the future holds.”

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