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Devin Blue, Louis Martinez, Joey Solano, Chazz Vigil sign to play at the next level

Updated: May 13, 2020

By Liberty Shay

Four Centennial Students, Devin Blue, Louis Martinez, Joey Solano, and Chazz Vigil signed to attend different colleges as student athletes, March 10, 2020.

Blue, a 4 year varsity football player signed to Western Colorado University to further his football career.

Jeff Wilkerson, Centennial’s head football coach said, “Some of the peaks would be seeing him run off the field after making a great play and seeing a smile that could light up Dutch Clark on Friday night.”

Blue really put his heart and soul into each game and he will continue to do so in his college football career.

Martinez, a 4 year varsity baseball player signed to Presentation College in South Dakota to play college baseball.

Martinez said, “I chose Presentation College because I thought it would be the best fit for me, considering it has a good nursing program, and that’s what I want to go into, and it’s also a Catholic college, so I get to continue my faith in college. And the baseball opportunities there are really good for me.”

Vigil, a four sport athlete who played basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf, decided to sign to Johnson and Wales University. As a three-time state golf qualifier, Vigil decided to commit to playing golf.

Vigil said, “I chose Johnson and Wales University because it’s a small private school with a good education and I am also going to play golf there, which I am excited about.”

Last but not least, Solano, a four year baseball player, also signed to play at Presentation college in South Dakota and will be attending Ottawa.

Baseball coach, Joe Vigil, said, “He came to us a couple years ago from the East, it was a welcomed surprise, I was happy, it was their loss. He’s done some great things for us.” Vigil continued, “From day one, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said ‘I want to play college baseball, coach,’ and I supported him.”

Courtesy photos by John Ward.

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