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  • Juliana Segura

Club Spotlight: Centennial Travel Club

By Juliana Segura

The Centennialight

Centennial Travel Club, sponsored by teacher Hannah Hackney, offers a great opportunity for students to travel outside of the country.

John Ward, assistant principal and activities director, was the first sponsor of the travel club beginning in the early 90’s and ending in 1999. Hackney led the first trip in around 24 years last year when the club went to Europe in 2023. 

Last year was Hackney’s first year at Centennial and she came to learn that “students don’t get out of Pueblo very often, or even Colorado, and especially getting out of the country.”

With this new knowledge and the opportunity to inherit the role of leader for the 2023 Europe trip, Hackney determined she wanted to provide students with “any opportunity to travel.”

On the 17-day Europe trip, the club started and stayed a few days in Germany and then followed to Austria. They also visited Rome, Paris, London, Switzerland, and numerous  places in Italy. 

As a traveler herself, Hackney deeply enjoyed sharing the interest with students, and is looking forward to the trip to Greece this summer. 

“This summer we are going to Greece for 13 days. We will have a four day cruise in the middle of our trip. We will see Athens, Mykonos, and will spend a day in Turkey.”

Instead of road tripping through multiple countries like the Europe trip, Hackney is excited to spend more time in each place and see as much as they can.

The next trip they are going on is to Ireland in the summer of 2025, and so far 10 people are signed up to go.

There are still five more spots to fill for the Ireland trip, and if students are wanting to attend they can visit CHS travel club’s website or email Hannah Hackney ( or Bou Amaya (

Travel Club gathers for a photo in front of Muich Residenz Palace in Germany during the 2023 Europe trip. Photo courtesy of Hannah Hackney

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