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Centennial Boys Soccer Dominates First Round Playoffs

By Rachel Baird

November 7, 2019

On November 2nd, the Centennial Boys Soccer Team played Palmer Ridge for the first round playoff game. The game took place at Centennial’s home stadium, Dutch Clark, at 11 a.m.

Centennial’s team, ranked 9th in seeding, showed an intense amount of pressure against Palmer Ridge, ranked 24th in seeding, and had several shots on goal before half time.

During the second half, Centennial’s team had a free kick from about 16 yards out from the opponents goal. The free kick was successful and Centennial was up 1-0.

The end game whistle was blown and Centennials team had secured a spot in the second round playoffs which would take place on November 5th.

Senior Cisco Chaves commented on the energy of the game.

“The energy was very high. We came into this game with a goal on our mind. We want to make it far in the rankings this year and we knew we needed to set a reputation for ourselves with this game. A lot of the energy came from the advantage of playing on our home field. Playing at home for a game as big as this is like no other feeling you can imagine.”

The seniors made it their responsibility this year to lead the team with a positive and an intense mindset. They all know that their team is capable of making it far this year, and this was the first example of how skilled they are as a team.

Coach Jeff Sterling expressed his opinion on how the team played.

“I felt like everyone worked really hard. It was one of the better games of our season. Our matchup with this team didn’t use to be so close, but this year our skill level really stood out.”

The next step for Centennial’s soccer team was to start preparing for their second round playoff game.

Senior Harrison Coultrip said, “We just need to play like we did. We need to come into our next game with the same level of confidence we had against Palmer Ridge.”

The second round playoff game will take place on November 5th at 6 p.m. against Lewis Palmer.

Cisco Chavez beats two defenders from Palmer Ridge and rushes for a shot on goal. Courtesy photo by Joe Petrick

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