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Cali Grigg Sells Bracelets to Raise Donation Money

By Nadia Jackson

Freshman, Cali Grigg, encourages breast cancer awareness and sparks inspiration in staff and peers at Centennial through the sale of bracelets in which all profit are donated to Ms.Van Hee.

Grigg was touched by the dodgeball tournament fundraiser in December designed to raise donations for Centennial staff member, Ms.Van Hee, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Grigg and her mom decided to sell bracelets, eventually making $150 after expenses, all of which was donated to Van Hee.

Grigg had always been interested in making bracelets, but first began selling them with a more philanthropic intention to aid her niece after she suffered a house fire. Grigg raised over $400.

With the notion of how powerful the simple act of selling bracelets could be, Grigg focused this year on Ms.Van Hee. Even though she doesn’t know Van Hee, she still feels it is important to receive support from anyone willing and able to give it.

Grigg personally has always felt it is important to give what you can to those who need it more than you and is often inspired by the chain of positive reactions that this can ensue.

For example, she is often encouraged by an idea she learned at a young age: you could make a difference in the world around you, even just by simply smiling at someone else.

Grigg feels that the sale of her bracelets has shifted the culture at Centennial by encouraging people to focus on charity and breast cancer beyond just one fundraiser.

Through the sale of breast cancer awareness bracelets, Grigg is not only helping Ms.Van Hee and spreading awareness, but also encouraging Centennial students to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

Overall, Grigg was surprised by the amount of kindness and support shown from Centennial students, and hopes to set up a medium in which she can sell bracelets more formally in the counselor’s office, and possibly during second hour.

Currently Grigg advertises for her bracelets over SnapChat, where her friends will repost, and people will approach Grigg in person soon after.

Large bracelets are $4 and small bracelets are $2.

Overall, Grigg embodies kindness and selflessness, which encompasses what it means to be a Bulldog.

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