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Bulldogs Fall to Colts on Gridiron

By Juliana Segura

The Centennialight

The Centennial Bulldogs played the South Colts on Friday, October 28, 2022 as the away team at Dutch Clark Stadium. Students and fans were dressed in Halloween costumes despite the cold, ready to support their team.

With Centennial’s Trinity Fesuluai and Adrion Lopez-Vigil injured, the team was already off to a rough start. With four minutes to go into the first quarter, South made a rushing touchdown but missed the PAT. Then again the team made another touchdown just before the end of the quarter, and once again missed the PAT.

During the second quarter, the Colts made three more touchdowns and only missed one PAT. Multiple injury timeouts occurred for the Bulldogs including Tristan Cortez and Immanuel Hanrahan. At halftime the Colts had their homecoming court presented, the South High School Dance Team performed what they would have at the Cannon Game, and so did their marching band.

As the game continued, fans started to get restless and made multiple chants to try and lift the players moods. Despite their efforts, South scored another touchdown and a two point pass before the fourth and final quarter. As the night went on, the air grew colder in the stands. It was very obvious that fans were not happy with how the game was playing out, but the mood changed at the very end of the game when #18, Immanuel Hanrahan, scored a touchdown for the Bulldogs. Although the PAT was missed, the game ended with multiple Centennial Bulldog fans excited at the sudden rush of adrenaline.

Now, the Centennial Bulldogs will hopefully give students and fans one last final win as the season ends on Saturday. They will be playing Lewis–Palmer on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 1 pm.

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