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Birthday Boy Gets Birthday Goal

By Mikayla Henson

September 25, 2019

Harrison Coultrip, a senior soccer player at Centennial High School, scored two goals on his 18th birthday, yesterday.

The Centennial boys soccer team demolished the Central Wildcats with a 7-0 victory to take home the cup for the 18th consecutive year.

Harrison Coultrip has had the cup for all 4 years of his high school career.

“Its honestly been great to walk to class after lunch and see the cup in its home, this cup game was more fulfilling because the Wildcats played us pretty hard this game,” stated Coultrip.

“Not only did it make my day to score 2 goals on my birthday, but it was nice to show out for everyone who came to support,” stated Coultrip.

And that is exactly what they did. The boys had the student section doing chants as if they were at a football game.

The Bulldogs had great chemistry, but the Wildcats’ goalie was not going to let the Bulldogs mercy rule them. Centennial couldn’t sink as many in the back of the net as they would've liked to, but a win is a win.

The Bulldogs will be playing against Discovery Canyon at their home field, on Saturday the 28th.

Coultrip with a big smile after last night's game. Photo by Mikayla Henson

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