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Bird Flies through School

By Spike

The Centennialight

On May 11, a bird was seen flying throughout the school.

It was first spotted in the commons and then made its way all the way down to the Health Academy hallway. It didn't stop there.

The bird made itself at home by flying into the Annual Staff lab in room 402. Ms. Amaya and her students were taken aback at the sighting.

"At first I thought it was a bat because a student screamed that out," Amaya shared. "When I realized it was a bird, it really made no difference. I was terrified either way!"

Ms. Amaya took cover by hiding under her desk and encouraged the students to do the same, though many of them stayed in their seats and filmed the fiasco.

The bird finally found a resting place in the room leaving the teacher and students just enough time to escape and find shelter in the neighboring classroom and call for help.

Custodians, teachers, and several students came to their aid in an attempt to capture the bird to set it free. Though they were not able to capture it, they did manage to get it out of the classroom.

The bird eventually -- much later in the day -- did make it back outside safely.

Photos by Tristan Hernandez

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